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Dec 01, 2012 | Yawner

Some Records and Stuff

David Rickert holds the record for the longest yawn, a whopping 6 mins 43 secs, achieved in May 1994.

Jenny Chapman of Deeping St James, England is thought to be Britain's loudest snorer. Her snoring hits 111.6 decibels which is actually louder than a low flying aircraft.

Randy Gardner of California holds the record of voluntary sleep deprivation without the aid of stimulants. He went 11 days without any sleep.

The desert spade-foot toad sleeps the longest of all animals, it can spend up to 9 months in the land of nod.

There have been over 68 cases of homicidal sleepwalking recorded e.g Jules Lowe of Manchester was acquitted of murdering his father as he was sleepwalking when the tragedy occurred.

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Clocks Go Forward

Yes it is almost that time again (or should I say loss of time again), British Summer Time is on it's way and that means that we all have to endure the loss of an hours sleep. Officially the clocks go forward on Sunday 25th March 2012 at 1:00am (which of course jumps to 2:00am).

The inconvenience of losing an hour may take a bit of adjusting to, similar to mild jet-lag. But to be honest we can all easily counteract the effects by going to bed an hour earlier, or as I prefer, have an extra hours lie in. The "Spring Forward" as it is known is actually a great annual landmark as it signals longer daylight hours and the coming of the Spring and Summer months. Ok, so it might not be quite the time to bring out your Bermuda shorts, but the Summer sun is just around the corner, yippee!

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